10 life hacks to make you most productive

10 life hacks to make you most productive

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In today’s life productivity matters a lot.With productivity hacks we can do more work and live organized life at the same time.These hacks help us a lot and saves our time and money.Here are such life hack you will love to apply in your life to stay organized and work effectively.

1.Focus on One Task at a Time.

Just focus on one task at a time.Multitasking is made for computers not humans.It decreases our productivity a lot if we do multitasking.

2.The Two Minute Rule

If we can do a task in a short span of time do it immediately.Like checking an email.It will take more time if we postpone such tasks.

3. Remove Distractions

If we have lot of Distractions at workplace we can’t focus on our work.So we should remove clutter from office as much as possible.This will increase our productivity a lot.

4. Know your productive time

All of us have a most productive time.Like someone do his best at morning and someone does his best work at late night.So please know your productive time and do most important tasks at that time.

5. Write down a to-list each day

On each and every day write your to-do list and write tasks in priority order.And be stick to your task list not just make it.By doing so your most important tasks will not left for tomorrow.In any emergency only your least important work will be effected.

6. Get rid of time wasters

All of us have some time wasters like Facebook, TV and other means.Try not to use even single one until you have completed your task-list.Surely you will get rid of such time wasters.

7. Health is wealth

Keep yourself fit and fine.Do some exercise in the morning.Try to do yoga or meditation it will increase your productivity.You can do more work in less time if your are feeling good.Human body gets stronger if we exercise daily.

8. Use smart tools

In everyday life you should use smart tools like Lastpass, Evernote,Hootsuite,pocket etc.There are plenty of them.These tools saves our time and energy and we can use that energy for our work which is more important.

9. Prepare In Advance

If you have some time after full day,Make notes for the next day.By doing so you will save a lot of time and your day will start organized automatically.You will have a clear vision for the next day work.

10. Set exciting goals

Set doable but exciting goals.These goals will give you more energy to do task more effectively.So friends these are some life hacks you use in daily life to be more productive.If you love the article share it with friends and family.

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