11 Hacks To Write SEO Friendly Content

11 hacks to write seo friendly content

11 hacks to write seo friendly content

Seo is a critical factor these days.If we are writing great stuff but there is no seo all is in vain.Seo is not a only master’s game.It is very easy and gives us great benefits.Only need is to understand it.Great bloggers work smart and normal bloggers work hard.So we have to do blogging smartly and it can’t be done without seo friendly content ,blog posts.If you are using wordpress install yoast seo plugin.It makes your work more easy and fun.Here i am telling you ways by which you can make your blog post seo friendly and get more traffic.

  1. Blog Title

Our blog post start from blog title so start seo from blog title.Search your keyword in google keyword planner.You can also take advantage of semrush keyword tool for long tail keywords.If there are fewer search volume for your keyword try another resembling keyword and choose your blog title according to your targeted keyword.Blog title should not be longer than 70 characters.Use conjunction words like in, at, with etc if they are very necessary.

blog title

blog title

2. Blog Post URL

Next comes blog post URL.Remove any numbers or unnecessary words from blog url.And you must keep your targeted keywords in blog url.like

Don’t use


always use


And Never use underscores(_) in post URL.

blog title url

blog title url

3. Post Structure

We should use proper structure in our blog post.Use paragraphs to clear your point.One paragraph should only clear one point.If you have more than one points under one heading use another paragraph to mention another point.Use heading and subheading in blog post.Search engine gives more importance to headings.

4. Use Seo Plugin

Whether you are using any blogging platform must use seo plugin.It makes seo like poetry.Check plugin reviews before using it.See what others are saying about that plugin and see how much time it is downloaded.If you are using wordpress Yoast Seo is best option and it is free also.

5. Narrow focus keyword

Don’t use irrelevant keywords while writing blog post.Search engines are enough wise to punish you.Keep your focus keyword narrow and it should be according to content of your blog post.

6. Internal and external linking

Use links to your other blog posts where relevant.Google gives more weightage to blog posts which have internal links.If you are using information from external sources must give link to that source.We can use internal links on main words.That link can tell in detail about that topic.We also can use internal links like “click here to read more about antivirus” which points to detailed information about how antivirus works.

7. Optimize Images

Images tell hundred words so we use images in our blog posts.But there is no use of images if our images are not seo friendly.Must use alt tags in images and use keywords in alt tags.It will tell search engines what your images are about.Your images will also appear in image results.If we are not using alt tags in images we are doing harm to our blog ranking.

8. Original Content

Always use original and informative seo friendly content because content is king.Never copy and paste as it will destroy your goodwill and you will get punished by search engine.If you are a beginner in blogging, first think then write.Create quality content that is only way to success.

9. Length Of Article

Google like lengthy articles.Your post should be minimum 300 words long.But it is better to write around 500 words.Don’t make your post more than 700 words if it can be done without losing information.

10. Use of Tags

Use proper tags in blog post.Modern seo plugin comes with built-in tag function.Don’t use too many tags.Tags should be relevant to your content.Google will punish you if you use irrelevant and too many unnecessary tags.Use your focus keywords in tags it will benefit you in ranking.

11. Add Content Regularly

Add seo friendly content regularly to your blog.If we do not post content for a long time search engine will take us as inactive and it will degrade us.We should add one or two post minimum in a week.Many bloggers start blogging but write post once a month and think of success.Be professional and stay professional.


So friends i discussed many factors which affect our seo friendly content and how to fix them.Choose wordpress to start blogging because it is so easy and efficient.Join blogging communities.Keep focused on your niche.You can give any missed points in comments.If you like post share with friends and keep blogging.Best of Luck.

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