How to type in Hindi in facebook

How to type in hindi in facebook

How to type in Hindi in Facebook

All of us use Facebook daily.And we are fascinated by how to type in Hindi in Facebook.In fact you can type not only in Hindi in Facebook but in Urdu,Tamil,Punjabi etc.And you can write in these languages on any website like google plus, Facebook, blogger and tumblr etc.And most interesting thing about it is that you have no need to use a specific keyboard to type a specific language.Like you have no need of Hindi keyboard to type in Hindi.You can type in any language with your regular English keyboard.

There are many tools to do it.But famous are google input tool,Microsoft indic language input tool and quillpad.Today i will tell you how to type in Hindi in Facebook or any other website by use of google input tool.

Step-by-step procedure on how to type in Hindi in Facebook or any other website.

  1. Go-to google input tool for windows.
  2. Now you can see window like in image.Select languages on right hand in which you want to type in Facebook or other websites.Tick i agree the terms and click download.I have selected Hindi.
    google input tool

    google input tool

    3. After downloading locate the file and double click it.

    4. A new window will appear to run the file click run and installation will start.

    5. After installation when installation complete message will appear click close.

    6. Now click on language bar in bottom task bar and click Hindi.INPUT LANGUAGES

    7. Now change input method.Click on small keyboard icon and select Google Input Tools.All is done.You can also use Left ALT+shift key to switch between Hindi and English.

    how to type hindi

    how to type Hindi

    8. But if you can’t see keyboard icon in task-bar than right click on language in task-bar and click setting.

    language bar


    9. Now in General tab in Default Input Language drop-down select Hindi(India)-Google Input Tools and click apply and then OK.

    Now you know how to type Hindi in Facebook or any website on the web  and in Microsoft Word also.Just remember one thing you can use left alt+shift key to change languages.Share with friends and enjoy.

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