How to stop spam emails in Gmail and Yahoo

All of us use email everyday.All is doing fine but one thing that happens daily and makes us angry is spam emails.Everyday our spam folders are getting more and more emails.Even sometime we receive spam emails in our inbox folder.And most of us just delete that email but friends that is not an appropriate way to handle spam.If we go in some statistics everyday 14.5  billion spam emails are sent.According to a report 45% of all emails are spam.Scams and fraud comprise 2.5% of all spam emails.

Now question arise can we stop spam and if yes what is appropriate way to handle spam.Here i am telling you How to stop(block) spam in Gmail and yahoo.

  • First of all don’t put your personal or professional email address on any website that can spam you.Always keep a second email account to fill in such websites.
  • If unfortunately we have to put our personal or professional email in such website and your are using Gmail.Here is a trick that can tell you if a site spams you or not.
  •  So, when signing up for email updates, newsletters or anywhere you enter your Gmail address, simply add “+someword” after your username. like  for semrush you should enter they send you email it will come to Anything after + sign and before @ will be ignored by email servers.
  • When you will receive a spam email from them.You can recognize it quickly.
  • Click on email you received.Near the header there is sender name and there is to me click on that.Now you can see to which address email was sent.If it contains + semrush means you were spammed by that site.You can tell other that this website is a spam site.So this is also a big step on how to stop spam emails.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Related Article   6 gmail tricks you must know  

How to stop spam emails in Gmail

1. Go to Gmail and login.

2. Go to inbox and open email which you think is spam.

3. Then click on drop down menu on right.In dropdown menu click Block “sender name”

block spam in gmail

block spam in gmail

4. A new window will appear on that click block.Now all emails from that sender will automatically move to spam folder.Thus this is important  step on how to stop spam emails in Gmail.

How to stop spam emails in Yahoo mail

1.Go to yahoo mail inbox.

2.Than select the email you think is a spam.

3.Click “more” in navigation above emails And then click block.

how to block spam in yahoo mail

how to block spam in yahoo mail

4. A new window will appear.Then click OK .You can also deselect the one or both option and click OK.

block spam

block spam

So friends you saw that how to stop spam  emails in Gmail and Yahoo mail.Spread the word by sharing this article.

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