How to remove FXSAPIDebugLogFile




We all normally empty Temp folder to speed up computer.But one file remains always there if we are using window operating system and that is FXSAPIDebugLogFile. And some of us think that this may be a virus.But it is a system file generated by windows.And this file is generated by a windows service named Windows Print and Document Services.So there is nothing to worry about this as a virus.But we are not able to delete it because this file remains in use all time.Now question arise that is this a necessary service and answer is may be if we use printing and fax on our system then it is necessary and we can’t delete it.

If we want to remove it only once we can do it by using a third party service called UNLOCKER but if we want to remove FXSAPIDebugLogFile permanently read on….

But if we are not using printing and fax services of window we can easily remove it without any harm to our system.

Here is step by step procedure to remove FXSAPIDebugLogFile from temp folder.

how to remove FXSAPIDebugLogFile

  1. We can remove remove FXSAPIDebugLogFile permanently by disabling Windows Print and Document Services.
  2. In window 7 navigate to control panel>Programs>Programs and features>Turn windows feature on or off.
  3. A new window will appear and in that window uncheck Print and Document Service and click OK.
    Windows Print and Document Services

    Windows Print and Document Services

    Now restart your PC and that file no longer remains there if it remains you can now delete it and it will not generated again by windows.Share with friends and enjoy.

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