How to remove comment bubble from post image in wordpress

how to remove comment bubble

comment bubble

When we are new to wordpress we all face this issue.Comment bubble on right side of post image make it little bit ugly.Here is the step-by-step solution to easily remove comment bubble from your wordpress blog post.

  1. Open mozilla firefox.
  2.  Open your blog home page.
  3. Now open menu in mozilla firefox’s upper right corner.
  4. Then click developer.
  5. Now click developer toolbar.
  6. Now you can see gray toolbar in the bottom of your page.firefox developer toolbar
  7. Click setting in toolbar.
  8. Now click first button on left side”pick an element from page”.capture-20151009-104552
  9. Now move your mouse to comment bubble and click on it.
  10. Now in bottom developer toolbar on right side locate this element.capture-20151009-105854

11. The style.css 833 is line number in style.css file of your website.

12. Now under post-comment>span change display: block to display: none.

13. You can see that bubble is gone from your post image on same page.

14. Now goto your website dashboard.Goto appreance>Editor and first file open will be style.css.

15.Locate the line which you edited in developer toolbar and change to display: none.

That’s it You have done it.





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