How To Remove Background From image

How to remove image background

How to remove image background

Many times we need an image without background or with white background.If we don’t know Adobe Photoshop it is a tedious task for many of us or we don’t know at all how to do this.But if you believe me it is pretty easy.An online tool makes it so easy.

Here is step by step procedure on how to remove background from image.

1. Go to background burner.

2. Click choose a photo.Selection window will appear select desired image you want to remove background from.Please be patient as it takes some time to upload image depending upon size of image.

3. Now four results will appear.You can select one of these if you find everything ok.But if you find something missing from resulted image click touch up on any of image.

remove background from image

remove background from image

4. Now you have two tools on upper left corner.One is mark background and another is mark foreground.Click on any of two to select and make your background pure white.Where you click and drag red circle that area will turn to background.And similarly green circle will make foreground.After click and drag any of tool please left mouse and you can see instant results on right side.

remove background

remove background

5. Now click finish or click back button on browser if you want to choose another image from earlier four images.

6. Now click login to download in lower right corner.

7. Login window will appear now you can login with Facebook or google .

8. After login you can download image as jpeg or png.

So following this procedure you can easily remove background from image

Enjoy and share with friends.

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