How to change google background image in Chrome

How to change google background image

How to change google background image

We all use google daily.It is so simple because the man behind search engine giant didn’t know HTML on that time.Now question arise that can we change this background to ¬†make it looks fresh or But can we make it fancy? and the answer is yes.Sometime ago google itself started that service.They provided power to users to change it’s background image.But now Google have discontinued it.But don’t worry you can still change the background of google search page.I will provide you step-by-step procedure to change the google background image(with pictures).It is possible by a plugin called “background image for Google homepage”.With this plugin you can beautify your homepage and impress your friends and your family members.And here i am glad to provide you all procedure so that you can make this change easily.

Change Google background image in Google chrome browser.

1. Click on menu in right upper corner.

2. Then click setting.

3. Now on left side click extensions.

4. Now go to bottom of page by sliding side bar.

5. Click Get more extensions.

6. Chrome Web Store will open.There is a search bar on left side.Type “background image for google homepage” without quotes and press enter.

7. Search results will appear.On the background image for google homepage click Add To Chrome.

change google background

change google background

8. A pop-up will appear with two buttons.On that pop-up click Add Extension.

9. Now a new tab will open.On that page you can set background image from below shown images.You can also select a photo from Flickr.

google background image

google background image

10. Click on any given image and it will become your google background image.Now close the tab and restart the Google chrome.

11. Now you can see changed google background image.

Enjoy, Feel fresh and impress your friends by sharing this and showing them changed background.

Hi all i am narmail sandhu.I have great passion for technology.I am always eager to learn new things and spread my knowledge.I believe in making people’s life easier.That’s why i stared my blog in 2015 and hosting comparison site in 2017.You can contact me at maillysandhu[at]

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