Must Join Facebook Groups For Bloggers To Get Traffic

facebook groups fro bloggers

facebook groups fro bloggers

Every blogger wants to spread his/her blog post to millions.But how? there are many ways to distribute our content.We normally share our content on social media like facebook,Twitter,Google+ etc.But just sharing our post on our timeline is not justice for a valuable post.Because it can’t be reached by people for which we have written it.Right way to distribute our content is post it in related communities.One such community is facebook groups.For seo and get more traffic we should target right type of facebook groups.It will help us build links.Introduce us with right people and fellow bloggers.Thus we can get a vast reader base.Once a reader came to our blog we can make him regular user.Here i am providing you list of 40 must join facebook groups according to your niche.

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  1. Indian Bloggers.

  2. Chandigarh Bloggers.

  3. Bloggers Helping Bloggers.

  4. Blog Engagement And Promotion Group.

  5. Share Your Blog Posts

  6. Indian Bloggers In FB

  7. Bloggers Lounge

  8. Bloggers Worldwide

  9. Indian Tech Bloggers

  10. Bloggers Tech

  11. Hack Tech Fun

  12. Tech Bloggers

  13. Guest Blogging

  14. Blogging Boost

  15. Desk2Blog

  16. My Tricks Hunt

  17. Computer Tips And Internet Tricks

  18. Latest Tips And Tricks

  19. All Computer And Facebook Tips

  20. We Love Blogging

Facebook groups for food bloggers

21. Food khana khajana

22. Food

23. Food Bloggers BD

24. Food Lovers

25. Foodie Doodie

26. FoodieLock

27. Food Bloggers Association India

28. Food Bloggers

29. Food Lovers Nation Wide

30. Food Lovers(DCR)

Facebook groups for fashion bloggers

31. Fashionista

32. Fashion 360 Degree

33. Fashionista shoperholic

34. Fashion-Style

35. Fashion Lovers

36. Fashion Lovers. Fashion Bloggers.

37. Fashion Bloggers

38. Fashion Bloggers Around The World

39. Fashion Blogs

40. Women’s Fashion

So friends this is list of famous facebook groups in it’s niche.All the groups has thousands of group members and thousands of posts.You must join facebook groups of your niche.I mainly discussed three niche e.g technology and computers, Food blogging and fashion bloggers.Please suggest If i missed any famous groups in these niches.Also suggest other niche’s facebook groups in comments.

If you liked post share with friends and spread knowledge after all knowledge is power.

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