Cool whatsapp tricks you must know


All of us use whatsapp daily but do you know that there are some cool tricks which you can use and make life easier.Well here are few of them.

1. How to send any type of files by whatsapp?

-Did you know that we can send any type of file by whatsapp.This is so easy.

1. Go to file manager. And locate the file which you want to share eg aajtak.apk.

2. Now rename this to aajtak.apk.mp4

3. Go to whatsapp->share-> video and select aajtak.apk.mp4

4. Now message the recipient to rename the file and delete “.mp4” from the name.

2. how to hide WhatsApp Images and Videos from Gallery?

To hide images from gallery

1. Go to file manager->whatsapp->media->whatsapp images

2. Rename whatsapp images to .whatsapp images

3. Clear phone’s cache.

To hide whatsapp videos from gallery

1. Go to file manager->whatsapp->media->whatsapp videos.

2.Rename whatsapp video to .whatsapp video

3.  Clear phone’s cache.

Now your images and videos are hidden from gallery.

3. How to spy on someone else’s whatsapp?

All you need is your personal laptop, and the victims phone in your hand just for 30 seconds.

 1 : Open WhatsApp Web on google chrome browser.

2 : Take your friend’s phone. Open Whatspp then Click Menu -> Whatsapp Web.

 3 : You can see the camera has turned on. Direct the camera to the screen, and wait till the QR Code is scanned.

4 : Once the scan is complete Your work is done.Now you can give him his phone.

Now you can see his messages on your laptop/computer whenever he will online.But don’t delete history from browser.Once you deleted browser history you have to do all process again.



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