9 best android apps you don’t know about

9 best android apps you don’t know about

9 best android apps you don’t know about

Android is most used mobile operating system in whole world.One of reason is that you can find all types of apps on android.It gives us the power of a PC on the go.Every day new and amazing android apps are developed which makes our life easier.Useful and best Android apps saves our time and increase our productivity.Without apps there is no sense in keeping an android mobile phone.So here is list of best android app you don’t know about:-

1. Google Now Launcher

Google Now launcher is our personal assistant.It works on voice commands.And it is really very cleaver app from Google.Just say “open whatsapp” and it will open whatsapp on your mobile.Just say “call niraj” and if there is niraj on your contact list it will call him in no time.Google now launcher also can perform lots of stuff just on your voice command.And as the name suggests it is also a launcher.It gives you a new user interface where things are easy to manage.It is one of the best android apps i have used ever.It is available for android version 4.1 and higher.You can download Google Now Launcher here.

2. Smart Phone Lock

Smart phone lock is really smart.If you fear that someone can see you password during unlock this is for you.In this app pin can be set according to current phone time.Say phone time is 06:10 so phone lock will be 0610.And you don’t have to worry about forgetting your PIN.Phone lock can be set in reverse order.Say time is 06:10 so phone lock will be 0160.If anyone tries to unlock your mobile with wrong password, the application will take photo using front camera without notifying user.you can see photo after unlock.It is one of the best android apps i have used in life.It can be installed free on android 4.0 and up.You can download  Smart phone lock here.

3. SpinMe Alarm Clock

spinme alarm clock

spinme alarm clock

SpinMe Alarm Clock is a clever app designed to get you out of bed on time.The only way to turn off the alarm is by getting out of bed and spinning yourself around until the alarm stops! There is no escape!.You can’t cheat this app by any means.If you think you can do just try.You can download SpinMe Alarm Clock here.

4. Greenify



If you have many apps installed on your android and you mobile is slower.Or if your android is slower by any reason this app is surely for you.It boosts performance,Increase battery time and many more.Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when not using them, stop them from consuming your battery and makes your android faster.So when you are not using certain apps they can’t consume your resources.It is better to have a rooted device to use this app in full functions.You can download Greenify here.

5. AppChat

This is a chat app based on apps.AppChat automatically puts you in a chat room for every app you have installed on your mobile. It lets you chat in real time with people who has the same app.This app is very useful when we want to know more about an specific app or have problem in any app.So we can discuss app problems with other app users.Very innovative idea.You can download AppChat here.


This is another goodie from Google.Snapseed is a professional photo editor on the go and free.With this app you can edit photos like a professional in photoshop.It has crop, tune image, rotate, brush, transform and many more features.It requires android 4.1 and above.You can download Snapseed here.

7. Helium

Helium is great app to sync and backup app data.Many time we find that one of our app is corrupted,or our phone is stolen.In that case helium comes to rescue.You can  backup you apps and app data to SD card or cloud storage.You can also sync app data from your another android device.So friends install this app and never loss app data.It requires 4.0 and up.You can download Helium here.


Themer as the name suggests is a customization tool app.In themer you can find many free and paid themes,HD wallpapers, neat icon packs, and amazing widgets to suit your mood.It automatic categorize all your apps making them easy to find and manage.All themes are fully customizable.So if you are bored from same UI everyday try this and feel new.It requires 4.1 and up.You can download Themer here.

9. Secret Codes

Every mobile phone has it’s secret codes so android also.But now question rises how to reveal them to use.Here is Secret Codes app comes to rescue.After installing this app you can find secret codes hidden under the hood and amaze your family and friends with your knowledge.Secret Codes app requires 4.0 and up.You can download Secret Codes app here

So friends these were 9 best android apps you should keep in your android mobile.These apps are very useful in daily life and makes us more productive.Enjoy innovation and share the love.

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