7 Genuine Ways To Make Money Online

7 genuine ways to make money online

7 genuine ways to make money online

Internet is not just for watching movies,play games or download music.You can also make money online from internet.There are several ways to make money online from internet according to your skill and interest.The more skill you have more you can make from internet.Here are top 7 ways to make money online from internet.

  1. Make money from blogging:-

Blog is a small website you can start with ease as i started cybergali.com.Blogging require dedication,knowledge of subject you blog about and great interest in subject of blogging.This is not “quick rich scheme”.All successful blogger worked hard to be successful.You can blog part-time or full time.These are steps to become a blogger.

  1. Select the niche(specific stream like cooking,tech etc.) you are interested in.
  2. Choose a domain name and register it.Domain name should be relevant to your niche.It takes little money to register a domain name.
  3. Choose a platform like wordpress,Blogger and Purchase hosting.I prefer to stick with wordpress since it is very easy and have many benefits over others.
  4. Post daily on your blog and share it on social media.Attract visitors to your blog in every possible ways.Write only genuine content.
  5. Now comes the money part.Signup for google adsense or media.net and display their ads or your blog.When visitors will click on ads you will get paid.
  6. You can also become affiliate of many websites and make money.In fact if you have decent visitors on your blog you can make money in many different ways.

2. Make money online from online selling.

Today is the age of e-commerce.Big e-commerce companies are making crores of rupees out of it.But don’t worry there is also a chance for you.If you have some knowledge about any product that is in demand online.You can become a online seller of that product.In India you can sell on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Paytm etc and internationally you can sell on amazon and ebay.Register on these sites,complete some document formalities and upload your products.Once product is sold you will get payment.

3.Make money online  from tuition.

If you are a teacher or you can teach something over internet you can make money online from it.Some websites provide you all the infrastructure to avail the service.Register on that websites ,provide online tutions and make money online.Here is list of online tuition websites from which you can make money online:-

4. Make money online by doing small tasks.

Whether you are a artist,designer, programmer or translator you can also make money online by doing small or big tasks.Following websites provide task based earning.

5. Make money by doing online surveys.

There are many online survey companies in the world.They pay it’s members to complete surveys.Surveys reach your email you complete the survey and get paid.but you can’t make  a living out of survey income but you can earn some extra cash. But beware of asking money in advance.If any company asking you registration fees that is surely a fraud.Don’t ever go there.Below are genuine survey companies you should register at to make money online.

6. Make money by making videos.

If you are expert in something and can do interesting things.Make videos and you can make  money from your videos.Upload your videos to youtube and signup for youtube partner program.Google will place ads on your video and you will get paid for it.Professional people are making millions out of youtube.

7. Make money by writing Kindle ebook.

If you are good at something and love writing about that, this is best choice for you.Write amazing ebook on subject of your choice and publish it in kindle store.You will get 70% of selling price.And market is worldwide.Go to amazon kindle store and click on sell.

Write in comments if you also know genuine ways to make money online.

Hi all i am narmail sandhu.I have great passion for technology.I am always eager to learn new things and spread my knowledge.I believe in making people’s life easier.That’s why i stared my blog cybergali.com in 2015 and hosting comparison site http://comparemyhost.com/ in 2017.You can contact me at maillysandhu[at]yahoo.in

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