7 computer tricks which are only known to geeks

7 computer tricks only geeks know

7 computer tricks only geeks know

Computer tricks are very useful things.All of us use computers daily.But very few people know about them in deep.We often amazed when we read about any computer tricks that we don’t know already.Here i am sharing some cool computer tricks which will amaze you ,save your time and increase your productivity.

  1. Get rid of Facebook app invites:- 

    It is really annoying that some people keep sending us Candy Crush saga like requests on a daily basis on Facebook.Now question arise can we get rid of it and answer is yes.Go to Facebook setting.Look for tab Blocking.In that under Block Apps type the name of app you want to block select it and all is done.Now you will not get invites for candy crush saga or any app by using this computer tricks.

    block app invites in facebook

    block app invites in Facebook

  2.  Open notepad in browser:- 

    When we browse the web in browser sometime we want to take some notes from websites.And for this we can open notepad in same browser.Just open a new tab in browser and paste the following code into address bar

Bookmark it in browser for faster access.

3.  Take screenshot without any software:-

This computer trick is really very useful in daily life.Sometime we need to take screenshot in our PC or laptop for one reason or the another.And then we search for screenshot software.But now on you don’t need any software to take screenshots.It is inbuilt function in windows.Just open the page of which you want to take screenshot.Press print-screen button(on laptop it is written PrtSc) on keyboard and then open paint and press CTRL+V.Your screenshot will we there in paint and you can save it as jpeg or any image format.

4. Iphone network in numbers:- 

If you are an iPhone user dial *3001#12345#* .It will show your sim’s network speed.Normally it is between -40 to -110. Now -40 is best network and -110 is worst or slowest network.

5. Connect mouse to android phone:-

 We can connect a mouse to a mobile phone with USB OTG cable.But your phone should have support for OTG cable.

connect mouse to android

connect mouse to android

6. See the source code of right-click disabled websites:-

Suppose you are searching for something very hard on internet and finally you have found that on a website.What if that website is right-click disabled?.How you can steal something from that.Here is computer tricks that will save you from getting disappointed.Just add “view-source:” without quotes before URL of any webpage and press enter,now you can see the source code of any right click disabled webpage.

7. How to find the website which is offline now:-

Sometime we find a website which is offline or dead now.So how we can get access to it? Here is trick for you.Copy the web address to archive.org they often have a copy of website when it was online.

So these were some cool computer tricks I shared with you today.Share this knowledge with your friends because knowledge is power.

Hi all i am narmail sandhu.I have great passion for technology.I am always eager to learn new things and spread my knowledge.I believe in making people’s life easier.That’s why i stared my blog cybergali.com in 2015 and hosting comparison site http://comparemyhost.com/ in 2017.You can contact me at maillysandhu[at]yahoo.in

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