5 Google search secrets you must know

1.How to access blocked sites in Google search.

Sometime work administrator did not allow you to access some websites.Here is trick you can use to open blocked websites.

1. Go to http://translate.google.com/

2. On the left side, type in the site URL (with the http://)

3. On the right side, tap on English

4. Tap on the underlined URL on the right side and it ought to open the site.

2.How to search  images with transparent or any background color.


Sometime we need images with transparent or a specific color background.We can do this easily with below method.

1. Enter image name in Google search.

2. Click on image search.

3. Click on search tools.

4. Click color and then select transparent or any color by color boxes seen in list.

3. How to find time zone of any city of world.

1. Just type “time in ‘city name’ ” .

2.Google will display its time along with time zone.


4. How to search things from a specific website?

If you want to search anything from a special website and want to exclude all other search results.This is pretty easy method.

1.Type search item then site:sitename and hit enter.

2. For example i want to search karbonn mobiles from only olx.in.

3. I will type karbonn mobile site:olx.in


5. How to find definition of any word.

1. Just type define followed by word and you can see definition of a word.

2. I used define love.


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