5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

Are you earning some extra cash besides your monthly salary? If yes, then you must know these five amazing tricks from which you can earn a huge amount of cash and fulfill all your needs and that too doing everything from home. There are tonnes of ways and tricks available out there on the internet some of which are genuine and rest of scams. You should keep an eye on such scams and save yourselves from the trouble. Follow the genuine tricks mentioned in this article and take a step forward to become financially independent.

1) Starting a Blog

Blogging is perhaps the best way to earn money online as it involves minuscule investment and can earn you a good amount of money. If you have a knack for writing just find a topic or niche that you feel driven to and start writing about it. You can even create a blog of recipes, dancing, tips, and tricks, etc. on free blogging services like WordPress or Blogger. Focus on creating valuable content which will attract huge traffic to your blog.

To start a blog you will first of all need to find your field of interest. Once you find it, it will be easier for you to create content for your blog. Avoid making your blog monotonous and add some creativity to it. Remember, the more unique your blog the more traffic it will attract. Once you are successful in attracting huge traffic then you can monetize your blog and display ads on it. The ads will generate revenue which will be directly transferred to your bank account. So, start a free blog and write something close to your heart, share it with your family and friends and try to keep the blog active daily.

2) Affiliate Marketing

You might have received some messages asking you to join a particular website or download a particular app. These messages are sent by people who can earn money by referring more and more people to that company. Once you join or download the app, they get a bonus from the company. This is how Affiliate marketing works. If you have a blog and you have started affiliate marketing then when a reader clicks on a particular product ad and purchases the product through that link you will be paid a part of the cost of that product. Many sites in this niche like coupon websites, e-commerce sites, infomercial sites etc. use this medium as their primary source of revenue.

Some of the websites offering Affiliate marketing are:

  1. a) Amazon India – You will need a website to enroll in Amazon’s affiliate program. Amazon offers good compensation as compared to other websites and you can earn huge. Make sure your website attracts huge traffic so that more people will click on the link and purchase the displayed product.


  1. b) Flipkart – The one thing that makes Flipkart’s affiliate program unique is that you don’t need a website to earn money. All you need to do is to visit the Flipkart affiliate sign up page and register. Once registered, search for the products with huge discounts and copy the products URL. Convert this link to affiliate link using your publisher account and share this link with your friends and family. When someone makes a purchase using this link Flipkart will pay you 10% of the price of the product.
  2. c) Myntra – Myntra is the leading online fashion store and people are choosing this medium to purchase clothes as the website provides huge varieties and discounts. Sign up for Myntra’s Affiliate program and place the ads on your website. A certain percentage of the price of the product will be credited to you once a customer purchases it.

3) Make Money from your Android Phone

This is one trick which will earn you a lot of money at any time and anyplace. All you need is your smartphone and internet connection. There are numerous apps available which provide money in the form of recharges and some of the cash too. These apps ask you to complete some short tasks and refer it to your friends. Earn money while you are free or traveling to your office. You can easily earn 100-200 rupees daily through this online money earning trick. Some apps which give real cash are CashPirate, Slidejoy, Fronto, Tapcash, Whaff Rewards. To withdraw money you will need a verified PayPal account.

4) Freelancing

Are you a skilled person and have an artist inside you? Your creative inclination can help you earn huge money through this method. You can start freelancing right away and work from home during your leisure hours and create some great content to earn huge. If you are good at writing you can start writing content for websites or individual clients, if you are good at photography then advertise your skills and land customers. Freelancing is the most accepted option these days as it gives you the freedom to work from home and your choice of field to work on.

5) Sell your Own Products

Do you have a product idea that can catch millions of eyes? Then you already have the key to fill your bank account with lots of money. Selling your own product will also create a name for yourselves and if the quality of your product is good then you are bound to make huge money in less time. First of all, you need to know what product you can make and will it attract customers. You can use Amazon for selling your products, that way you don’t have to worry about creating a web-store and waiting for people to visit it and purchase.


Earn Money Sitting at your Home

With the increasing price rates, the monthly salary is most likely spent. And one has to wait for next month to purchase their favorite shoes or eat a delicious meal at a lavish restaurant. But, now wait no more as you can start earning passive income in your free hours. Use the tricks mentioned in this article and start earning money to fulfill all your needs that too without investing a single rupee.

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