10 Amazing Things Made By Animals

10 amazing things made by animals

10 amazing things made by animals

Nature is very beautiful in itself and animals, birds also enhance it’s beauty.It it bad that we are cutting the forests at a very rapid speed and hence destroying the shelter of animals and birds.Every bird and animal has it’s unique way to make shelter for itself.Like lion lives in carves and sparrow lives in nest.In their daily life they craft some very beautiful and amazing things like if they are magicians.They are master of their art without any education.Here is list of such beautiful creations made by animals and birds.

  1. Weaver Bird Nests



    This beautiful nest is made by weaver bird.Male bird makes the nest to attract the females.But is is finalised by female once it decides it’s mate.

  2. Caddisfly Jewellery

    Caddisfly jewelry

    photo credit: http://www.ecouterre.com/

    This amazing creation is made by Caddisfly larvae.It make armor to protect themselves by grabbing whatever is near to them.A French artist put gold flakes and other precious stone around them and this is outcome of that.

  3. Termite Mound

    termite mound

    photo credit:-http://www.portlandhouse.com.au/

    These building like creation is made by termite in Australia.They live in groups so why don’t make a house collectively.These termite shelter can be 9 meter high and looks like a church.Different species build different type of mounds.These are made mainly in deserts to preserve water and stay cool.

  4. Ant colonies

    ant colony


These ant colonies are made by ants.There are underground lairs of chambers connected to each other and there is tunnel to come out to ground.There is whole world of ants beneath this tunnel and it can have lacs of ants.

5. Beaver Homes

beaver home

photo: quora

beaver homes


This is home of beaver animal.At first site we can’t say that it is home of anyone.This is made in this way that only beaver can get in.These homes are build in middle of river because big animals can attack beaver in river.

6. Cliff Swallow Nests

swallow bird nest

swallow bird nest

This nest is of swallow bird.It is made under concrete buildings like bridges, roof etc.Swallow bird collect mud and make it’s house for shelter.

7. Ant Bridge

ant bridge


This ant bridge is made by ants to survive in floods.

8. Paper wasps Nest

paper wasp nest


Paper wasp make their nest from plant fiber and paper.At University of Illinois they were provided colorful material to make this amazing creation.

9. Bowerbird Nest



Bowerbird makes its nest so colorful to lure the female.It collects sticks and colorful items available to decorate it’s nest.

10. Sociable weaver nest

sociable weaver nes


Sociable weaver bird makes nest for groups.Lifespan of such nest can be upto 100 years.It is made of grass sticks.Sociable weaver live in South Africa.

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